Domiciliary care

There is no better place than home to promote health and wellbeing. No need to leave your home for the sake of care because you can get the same higher standard of care at the comfort of your home. But do you really need Live-in care, or the visiting care will be sufficient for your needs? Let’s take a dive to understand the difference between the two.

Homecare Residential Care
Your home, your way You cannot watch your favourite show on TV
You live with all sweet memories Leaving lovely memory behind and shifting to a totally strange place
Keep your favourite pet around Pets are oftentimes restricted
Eat, sleep, play, watch TV when you want You will operate on a schedule of staff
Invite your friends or family whenever you want Strict hours

Keep the Happiness Luggage

In Homecare, you do not leave all the sweet memories behind, there is no need to face unfamiliar faces, and your pets stay with you. According to a detailed study’ Better at Home’, conducted by Live-in Care Hub in 2019, for the vast majority of the population, Homecare is the best option as it promotes independence and autonomy. Moreover, there are fewer falls reported at home as compared to falls in residential or nursing homes. The best that you can give to yourself or your beloved (Parents, friends, and relatives) is Homecare. Goodbye to Sorrow, because our trained carers are able to assist by helping around the home with light domestic tasks to keep the home tidy and safe.

We are capable of supporting our clients with the following domestic care services:

  • Preparation and cooking of food
  • Shopping, cooking, washing up and menu planning
  • Cleaning and tidying the house
  • Hovering
  • Shopping
  • Washing up and menu planning
  • Changing bed sheets
  • Laundry and ironing

"my home was dirty, I was not able to do it myself, to be honest, I thought flowers in the backyard will never bloom again. One evening, daughter called and said a care manager will visit me for some assessment. They came, then they send a carer. She took care of me and my garden too. Now, me and my garden are blooming"


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    Same Face, Subsequently

    Yes, bonding is natural. We know that you feel comfortable to be cared by the care assistant you are familiar with. We ensure that you see same face on every visit.

    Native Carers

    Carers that speak your language, who share your culture. What is more beautiful than to rejoice and get cared by those who share similar cultural roots?

    We Care, About your Care

    Why we? Because, we know how painful the inconsistencies of Homecare are.