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Application Form

Equality Act 2010: Under the Equality Act 2010, the definition of disability is if you have a physical or mental impairment that has a "substantial" and "long-term adverse effect" on your ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities. Further information regarding the definition of disability can be found at: Disability Under Equality Act
(Please check your availability below)
Training / Professional Qualification
Please tell us any other relevant formal training qualifications you have achieved which is relevant to the post and support your application.
Please list all subjects taken, whatever the result, in chronological order. Continue on a separate sheet if necessary. Please provide the copies along with the application, and Original certificates/transcripts will be required at the time of the interview.
Give details of your work experience (paid or unpaid), starting with the most recent first. Including any periods when you were not working (along with an explanation of what you were doing). You may use an extra sheet if necessary; please sign the sheet(s)
Main Duties:
Main Duties
Main Duties
Other Languages
Please demonstrate why you think you would be suitable for the post by reference to the job description and person specification. Please include all relevant information, whether obtained through employment or voluntary activities.
Please read the job description and answer the following questions.
The position for which you are applying requires physical effort (including sitting, standing, carrying, walking, moving and handling people), mental effort (including dealing with emergencies and short notice changes to work in a fast-paced environment) and possible emotional/psychological effort (including dealing with bereavement and challenging behaviour in a potentially stressful environment)
Safeguarding / Ex-Offenders Declaration: Please note this section will only be seen by those involved in the recruitment process and will be treated with the strictest confidence.
The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 aims to promote equality of opportunity and is committed to treating all applicants fairly regardless of ethnicity, disability, age, gender or gender re-assignment, religion or belief, sexual orientation, pregnancy or maternity and marriage or civil partnership. Lets Care All Ltd undertakes not to discriminate unfairly against applicants on the basis of a criminal conviction or other information declared.
Answering 'yes' to the question below will not necessarily prevent your employment. This will depend on the relevance of the information you provide in respect of the nature of the position and the particular circumstances.
You will work with vulnerable people, and we take our responsibility to protect them very seriously. Your appointment will depend on the satisfactory completion of a criminal records disclosure (DBS Check) but at the current stage; we need you to answer the following questions.
Privacy Statement
We will only collect data for specified, explicit and legitimate use in relation to the recruitment process. By signing this application form, you consent to hold the information contained within this application form. If successfully shortlisted, data will also include shortlisting scoring and interview records. We would like to keep this data until the vacancy is filled. (We cannot estimate the exact time period, but we will consider this period over when a candidate accepts our job offer for the position for which we are considering you). When that period is over, we will either delete your data or inform you that we would like to keep it in our database for future roles.
We have privacy policies that you can request for further information. Please be assured that your data will be securely stored by the DPO and only used for the purposes of recruiting for this vacant post.
You have a right for your data to be forgotten, to rectify or access data, to restrict processing, to withdraw consent and to be kept informed about the processing of your data. If you would like to discuss this further or withdraw your consent at any time, please contact the DPO to discuss it.
Please sign in the appropriate place below. If this form is not completed and signed, your application will not be considered.
I agree that Lets Care All Ltd may record and process the information contained in this form and the Self-declaration form for statistical and administrative reasons in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Act May 2018 and Privacy Notice.
I confirm that the offer of employment will depend on proof of work illegibility, the receipt of satisfactory employment references, satisfactory medical assessment, agreeing to the terms and conditions of the employment contract and the satisfactory completion of a criminal records disclosure (DBS).
I will be liable for the cost of my initial criminal records disclosure, but that the company will bear the cost of any future disclosures that need to be made.
I will be required to complete a pre-employment induction training before my starting work with the Lets Care All.
I confirm that Lets Care All Ltd has my permission to contact my previous employers and any referees noted in section 6 above to obtain references.
I am willing to be part of the interview (if required) for inspection/visit from the Care Quality Commission or any stakeholder.
I confirm that all the information given by me on this form is correct and accurate. I understand that if any of the information I have provided is later found to be false or misleading, any offer of employment may be withdrawn or employment terminated.
(if you are completing the application form electronically, please type your full name into the signature space)
Please check that you have included the following with your application form. Also, you need to provide the original at the time of the interview.