We love to care

Our Services goals to meet the following objectives in the delivery of quality service to our service user(s):

  • To ensure that the service is delivered flexibly, attentively and in a non-discriminatory manner, while respecting each individual’s right to independence, privacy, dignity, and fulfilment, the right to make informed choices and take risks.
  • To ensure that the service is delivered in accordance with the agreed Care Plan.
  • To implement a programme of staff recruitment, training and personal development to ensure that the needs of the Service User(s) are met.
  • To manage the care service efficiently, making the best use of resources to maximise the best value for both the representative and the person receiving the service.
  • To match the nominated Care Staff to the needs of the Service User and ensure that changes are made for valid reasons within the terms of the Contract.
  • To undertake risk assessments of hazards involved with the provision of service and for environmental risks identified in a Service User’s home. To identify risks and take measures to reduce or eliminate them in accordance with the Health and Safety Policy of the organisation.
  • To provide all Service Users with written information on the organisation including a Service User(s) Guide, detailed care plan, daily records/logs, completed risk assessment and details of the organisation’s complaints procedure and how to use it

We love to care

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Personal Care

We deliver a specialised level of personal care which includes giving showers, changing garments and taking care of personal hygiene matters.

Disability Care

We offer a wide range of specialist disability care to our service user(s) by highly skilled care staff to provide high quality care.

Domestic Support

Our trained carers are able to assist by helping around the home with light domestic tasks to keep the home tidy and safe.

Social Support

We offer a social support service to aid our service users by taking them to hospital appointments, a walk in the park or to go to any local amenities etc.

Meal Preparation

Our carers are able to assist the client in making a snack or meal for the day or even prepare a meal for them as required by their care plan.

Dementia Care

We offer practical and emotional support to dementia service user(s) and help them to continue living lives.

Medication Support

We provide reminders for medication to be taken and/or the administration of medication (this does not include injections or controlled drugs).


We offer shopping services whereby a list will be provided to the carer, and the carer will complete a shopping trip to the local store.

Quality Care

Our caregivers are supervised by a Registered Nurse and receive ongoing training.