Our Mission

We are on the move to become the UK’s most reliable source of quality Homecare services. Provision of Person-Centred Care, ensuring surpassing customer support, cooperative and trained care assistant, adequate human resource development strategy, and utilisation of top-notch technology

How are we DIFFERENT?

I (CEO) am disabled, and I know how it feels when there is no one around to help someone who is physically disabled. I experienced the difference that person-centred care can make. We at Lets Care ALL are driven by the passion of making lives easier for those who need assistance to continue their routine. Life is fun and easy when someone is around.

Do we have anything UNIQUE?

Though the care assistants are trained and experienced, there is a SECRET that makes us stand out from the rest. Yes, we have Native Carers. The carer that speaks your native language and shares your culture. 

There is an interesting reason why we came up with the idea of providing native carers to service users. Though the language is a medium for the expression of thoughts and opinions, sometimes a native speaker can awake buried notes. We know that people are connected with their culture and language. They feel communicative when they find common ground, and nothing serves them well than their native language and culture. Moreover, the carers also feel comfortable with service users who share their culture. They can listen to them for hours not because it’s part of their job rather they listen because they feel CONNECTED. 
As we believe in Diversity Inclusion, we got an idea that why not tweak our carer assignment. We asked the service users whether they would like to have a native carer, and the response was so positive. We sent them the native carers, and they responded like this.


"Time flies with Fatima. It feels like I am with someone from my childhood. I was not sure what this native carer means but now I am happy that I accepted the offer"


    We are just a CALL away. Dial us or request a call back to have your free assessment

    Same Face, Subsequently

    Yes, bonding is natural. We know that you feel comfortable to be cared by the care assistant you are familiar with. We ensure that you see same face on every visit.

    Native Carers

    Carers that speak your language, who share your culture. What is more beautiful than to rejoice and get cared by those who share similar cultural roots?

    We Care, About your Care

    Why we? Because, we know how painful the inconsistencies of Homecare are.